Resonant Convergence


just note one

for something that is pushing through

that the¬†collective¬†vision — is in essence a vision of circle

and that the primal call in all of this

pulls all circles into one circle

this is the fundamental drive of collective evolution

the key to “the shift”

and that “the action” in this process is

anything and everything involved in facilitating this convergence

and because this is true

this facilitation process speaks every language

with absolute fluency

something “enables” this process

this something — is our being

through this process

comes every great saint or prophet

in one communion

in one “community”

so, we are awaiting this process, and preparing ourselves for it, as best we can,

in our crude and simple and hopeful ways

outwardly, we are listening and are respectful

inwardly, we are transforming toward the one

the one axial center of all circles

which is our being



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